bringing LIGHT to your environment 

Our Story


River City Lighting is the place in North Florida for all your lighting and ceiling fan needs. We are basically 2 showrooms under one roof. We are a family owned business that has been operating in Jacksonville since 1978, and as our family has grown so has our business. We started as a fan store with no intentions of anything beyond that, who knew! Today, some 35 plus years later our products and services can be found on projects and homes that we've been involved with up and down the Atlantic Coast and even throughout islands in the Caribbean . We are constantly attending lighting shows and bringing the newest trends and technology back home. We know that there are many sources when it comes to selecting items for your home, so visit us at our showroom and see what makes us who we are and have been for over 35 plus years, Again, who knew! 

River City Lighting & The Fan Man


From the second you step into our showroom not only will you be amazed but I assure you that you will also be glad you did. Our staff at River City Lighting has over 52 combined years of service in the Jacksonville market. We will take you through the steps of helping you in your selections of lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, and other products we carry that will help transform your house into the unimaginable. We can even  deliver them if needed, AND can arrange for your new products to be installed as well. Come and experience the difference in lighting, River City Lighting!

stop by our new showroom where we continue to light the river city one home at a time